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‘Slide the City’ Edmonton EARLY BIRD Registration Now Open!

EDMONTON — Early bird registration for the upcoming Slide the City event occurring on Saturday, July 3 is now open! You’ve got 8 days to purchase your early bird tickets at a price of USD$20 (which as of this writing, converts to CAD$32.15) for 3 slides down the hill!

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Note that you can purchase just a single slide down the hill for USD$10 (CAD$12.86), or go all out with an all-day pass for USD$99 (CAD$128.59).

Come Friday, May 20, you will no longer be able to purchase tickets at this price.

For more information on the event itself, see our initial post from April 29th here.

Your next chance to buy tickets after May 20 will arrive on June 17, where they will jump up to USD$30 (CAD$38.58) for 3 slides down the hill, or USD$13 (CAD$16.72) for a single slide, and prices will only continue to rise as we get closer to the actual event itself.

Tap here to view their full list of pricing

If you went to last year’s Slide the City event, and don’t want to bear the massive lineups again this year, I would understand your frustration completely. Because of this, depending on how well the pre-sales are for this year’s event, Slide the City may return for a second day on Sunday, July 4, 2016.

What an annoyance it has been, that Sack Lunch Productions (the owners of Slide the City) has decided to report their prices online in American currency for a Canadian city event. For shame… 😕


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