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STARS Ambulance Selling Sticker “Times are Tough. Albertans are Tougher”

STARS Ambulance has recently posted about a sticker they’ve added to the bottom of their Alberta helicopters. The sticker itself reads “Times are tough. Albertans are tougher,”  and I just ordered my own!

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That’s right! After many requests by the general public, STARS Ambulance has made the sticker available for purchase, and they’re selling them for $20 for a pack of two. Great! The best part of it all? You’ll be supporting STARS Ambulance in the process. Seeing as 1/3rd of the funding for STARS is through lotteries and outside support, it is crucial that we do our part in supporting their continued efforts in making Alberta (and Western Canada as a whole) a place where they have the ability to arrive to incidents with quick response-rate to nearby and secluded areas alike.

As a small gesture of appreciation to our steadfast supporters, we placed a decal on our Alberta-based helicopters that read Times are tough, Albertans are tougher. Immediately, we were overwhelmed by requests to purchase copies of the sticker and support STARS in the process. We are proud to now make those stickers available for purchase by those who stood by us.

These replica decals measure 3 inches high by 6 inches wide (7.6 cm by 15.2 cm). The artwork is printed in white on a clear background, and would look ideal on a window or dark-coloured bumper.STARS Ambulance

The original STARS Ambulance tweet made on April 6th:


I WANT STICKERS! — If you would like to support STARS and purchase your very own “Times are tough. Albertans are tougher” sticker, you may do so right here.

STARS Ambulance Helicopter - Times are Tough Albertans are Tougher 2

I look forward to receiving my stickers, and placing it on the rear window of my vehicle. 🙂

STARS Sticker confirmation

Read the back-story of this year’s journey in funding written by the President & CEO of STARS, Andrea Robertson right here.

Also, If you wish to donate to STARS without the purchase of a sticker, you may do so here.

THANK YOU, STARS, for all that you do on a day-to-day basis.

STARS Ambulance Helicopter


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Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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