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Recently Turned-Canadian Syrian Man Experiences Vehicular Vandalism • Albertans Come Together Via Crowdfund

On Thursday, September 15, a Syrian newcomer to Canada had experienced something he never should have.
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EDMONTON & ALBERTA — A Syrian refugee has recently called Canada his home. More specifically, Edmonton, Alberta.

This man had fled a war-torn country, to make a safe home for himself in western Canada. He shared with the EMCN (The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers) that he was traumatized by a situation that occurred on Thursday, September 15th. This traumatic event caused him to recall why he left Syria to begin with; where he was once kidnapped, and in another instance beaten in Lebanon while living as a refugee from Syria.

He specifically moved to Canada in hopes to find a safe place to live, but sadly, he no longer feels safe here because of a situation that occurred several weeks back.

On September 15th, just seven months after landing in Edmonton, a Syrian man walked out to his car to find it completely drenched in acid, with foul words written on his vehicle’s windows.

In an attempt to start the vehicle, the man struggles. He later finds out that the same acid that had been poured all over the exterior of his car, had also been poured into his gas tank.

An Edmonton woman from EMCN that goes by the name of Megan Starchuk took note of this heartbreaking story, and decided to create a GoFundMe campaign for the poor man. Thank you for your kind heart, Megan.

GoFundMe link: Help this man get back on his feet

What is the EMCN?

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers is an immigrant settlement agency whose focus is the successful and integrative settlement of newcomers to Edmonton.

The agency operates in an inclusive environment, with a welcoming atmosphere and a holistic approach to settlement practices.emcn.ab.ca

The story is special and should be told that the #MakeItAwkward community, the Edmonton community and the people of Alberta can move mountains when we move together.Jesse Lipscombe

With Red Deer Mitsubishi’s kind contribution, this Syrian man will have himself a new vehicle, with extra goodies valued at over $10,000 — all thanks to the kind hearts of Albertans such as yourself.

Featured image via oacas.org.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

One thought on “Recently Turned-Canadian Syrian Man Experiences Vehicular Vandalism • Albertans Come Together Via Crowdfund

  • November 1, 2016 at 1:19 PM

    I feel badly for this man, plus any Edmontonians, that are embarrassed by this cowardly act.

    I can only hope that Karma visits the perpetrators, more than likely racist in their actions.

    I am sure the citizens of Alabama, would love you to join with them.


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