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Winnipeg Company “Tek Gear” is Giving Away FREE Virtual Reality Headsets to Everyone! • Not a Scam

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Tek Gear based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba is providing free headsets for all.

This is not a joke, nor is it some kind of scam. All you have to pay is the shipping costs. The actual virtual reality headset itself however, is priced at. $0.00. If you have a smartphone, and you want to experience virtual reality, you can do so by simply ordering one of these free Tek Gear VR Headsets. Even if you don’t think you’ll be using it often, now is your chance to get yourself a VR headset for the cost of shipping only.

Tek Gear made a public news release about the free VR headsets on July 12th – exactly one week ago today.

Their news release starts off with:

WINNIPEG, July 12, 2016 /CNW/ – TEK GEAR, the Canadian-based High-tech device creator and development company is announcing FreeHMD – the world’s first Free VR Headset. Commencing today, VR enthusiasts can go to the website www.FreeHMD.com and order their FreeHMD as part of TEK GEAR’S “VR For Everyone” campaign.

Tek Gear's free VR headset
Tek Gear’s free VR headset

The reason they’re giving these VR headsets away for free is because they feel that the VR headsets available on the market today are far, far too expensive; ranging from $600 all the way up to $1,200 a piece.

Tek Gear stated the following:
[…] Our experience in the VR industry has shown us that, in order to get a consumer grade VR headset to market, it must have a much lower cost.  There’s nothing lower cost than $0 – so that’s where we set the price.

Get your free VR headset here! ]

Tek Gear's free VR headset // FreeHDM.com
Tek Gear’s free VR headset

SHIPPING COSTS — I decided to take a look at just how much shipping would cost for this fair-sized product. Turns out the cheapest option would be USD$24.01 (CAD$31.25) to my door in Edmonton, Alberta through Canada Post.

Those residing in Winnipeg, or close to, can pick up locally at the Tek Gear office for USD$14.00 (CAD$18.22). Tek Gear still has to get the product shipped to their office, hence the shipping cost for pickup.

While you’re at it, if you feel like going above and beyond, Tek Gear also has a wireless Bluetooth remote to go with the free VR headset for only an extra CAD$10! You’ll notice it is recommended when you’re checking out for the free VR headset.

According to the checkout page, it will take approximately 4 weeks for the free headset to arrive in the mail.

Tek Gear's free VR headset // FreeHDM.com
Tek Gear’s free VR headset
Tek Gear goes on to say:

Use it to create immersive, interactive worlds.  Use it to explore creations that other people have made.  Share it with your friends so they can see what VR is all about.  We have a plan for the future of VR and freeHMD is just the beginning. […] Once everyone who wants an HMD has one, the real fun begins….

The headset is compatible with smartphones ranging in size from 3.5 inches up to 6.0 inches.

Mobile phone size chart // FreeHMD.com
Mobile phone size chart // FreeHMD.com

Founded by Tony Havelka & Eric Austman in 1997, Tek Gear has been in the virtual reality business for 24 years.

Tek Gear really wants you to take advantage of this free deal, and to be honest, I just can’t find a reason not to!

Free VR headset by Tek Gear
Free VR headset by Tek Gear // FreeHMD.com


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