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Tim Hortons Launches Poutine Donut • But There’s a Catch…


Tim Hortons introduced its Canada Day menu, available for a limited time. The menu includes a maple-bacon cappuccino, topped with whipped cream, maple flakes and bacon, and a poutine donut, a honey-dipped donut topped with potato wedges, gravy and cheese curds. The poutine donut will cost USD$1.49. That’s right, U.S. dollars!
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These delightful treats are only available in America. Felipe Athayde, a spokesperson for Tim Hortons U.S., stated “Our new Canadian-inspired treats are a great way for Americans to get in on the 150th celebration of their friendly neighbour next door”. When asked what food is Canada best known for, most Americans recognise poutine and maple syrup as the most well-known Canadian foods.

Not to be outdone, the company’s Canadian menu includes a red and white velvet muffin, a Dutchie donut and a Nanaimo bar donut. These items are not offered to our southern neighbours, perhaps due to the less known birthplace of the Duchie and Nanaimo bar. For those of us not old enough to know, (or too old to remember!), the Duchie, a square, raisin filled, and glazed donut, was one of only two donuts sold at Timmies when the company opened in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. The Nanaimo bar is named after the Vancouver Island City of Nanaimo.

The limited time menus are creating quite a stir on social media. Comments on the Poutine donut are mixed:

“Blah, that’s disgusting”

“They made a poutine donut and it’s not available in Canada????”

“They can’t make a proper Nanaimo brownie, how they gonna make a proper poutine eh?”

Some twitter feeds voiced their disgust that the Canadian company seems to be catering more and more to the U.S. market by introducing less nutritional items to Tim Hortons’ menu. One person commented that certain Tim Hortons’ food items sold in the States would not conform to Canadian nutritional guidelines.

What do you think: Would you try a poutine donut if it was available in Canada?


2 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Launches Poutine Donut • But There’s a Catch…

  • Mike Rees
    June 30, 2017 at 8:26 AM

    Is there anything Tim’s won’t do to try and get people to eat their nasty potato wedges?

    • Fred Atkey
      June 30, 2017 at 11:46 PM

      agreed, their wedges are the worst thing ever. Get rid of those disgusting things.


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