To Sing or Not to Sing, That is the Question

There is a superstitious, mysterious and very Shakespearan quality to the latest adventures in the Oilers’ quest for the Stanley Cup. The action of the 18,000 plus fans at Rogers Place on Sunday has come with some controversy.

Game three of the Oilers/Ducks series on Sunday evening has gone viral and even created some buzz about hockey superstitions. The fact is, the fans were great, but the Oilers lost the game. Their first loss of the series. Now they’ll for sure have to go back to Anaheim after the game in Edmonton Wednesday night. Now is everyone going to expect this singing of the American National Anthem to continue?

Debatably, the controversy held that some people thought it was a “set-up” and the microphone was, in fact, working despite arguments to the contrary. Comments from people online, range from, “Way to go Canada!” to the secondary argument, “Should it happen again? The Oilers lost”. There are some superstitious individuals out there who say, “No, not again”. Others say, “But, what if they win?”…”I wonder if the Oilers should continue this new tradition for the rest of the series/playoffs?”

Many thought that in the actual footage, that it was staged, just a stunt, to see what would happen, when singer/guitarist Brett Kissel led the crowd to sing the American National Anthem, feigning microphone problems.. Some blamed the sound system peeps at Rogers Place.

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Check out the video below:

It appears almost everyone in Rogers Place had no blink of an eye in show-casing their talent for music memorization and belted it out with gusto. It went to a plethora of news sources and went viral. According to one hockey page, Edmonton has now developed a following because of the supposed mic “glitch”.

Now, hockey superstitions come into play. Some say, “Basically it was a feel-good moment”. But many are cautioning it from happening again. Lochlin Cross, head of the morning radio team @ The Cruz 95.7 FM, believes that playing any music from the band, “Rush” between whistles & puck-drops is a possible “jinx”. And he agrees with the comment, “Maybe it should be just a one time thing so everyone will realize the awesomeness that is Edmonton and Canada. Cross states,”….We lost the game….so NO. It was special once. Let’s move on”.



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