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Here are the Top 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in Canada, Sorted by Province

OpenTable, an online restaurant review platform, released a list of the most romantic restaurants in Canada. Here are some ideas for the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day.
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CANADA — Taking nearly 500,000 restaurant reviews across the country and putting it all together in an organized order for your viewing pleasure, OpenTable has provided the world with a list of the most romantic restaurants across the Great White North for 2017.

As to be expected, a very high percentage of the restaurants are located in larger metropolitan areas across the nation, 8 of the restaurants being in Edmonton, Alberta, with many others in the Vancouver, BC area, Calgary, Alberta, and the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.

According to OpenTable, the original list that consisted of at least one review by a verified OpenTable user across the country, is around 1,900 restaurants.

In the top 100 most romantic, 47 of the restaurants are located in Ontario, 27 in Alberta, 12 in Quebec and British Columbia, 4 in Nova Scotia, and 3 in Manitoba. There were also mentions for restaurants out of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan.


Whether looking to book the perfect Valentine’s Day meal or a casual dinner date, this list based on reviews from our verified diners highlights some of Canada’s most romantic restaurants from coast to coast.Ziv Schierau, Head of National Accounts for OpenTable Canada

What’s also quite interesting is, according to OpenTable, last Valentine’s Day, 45 percent of Canadian diners waited until the week before Valentine’s Day to make their reservations.

View the full OpenTable press release.


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