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[Photos] UberPUPPIES were a Huge Success in Edmonton, Again

The adorable UberPUPPIES – a collaboration between the Uber rideshare company and Infinite WOOFS – were [back in Edmonton yesterday] (April 28) after a successful run in 2015, and quite frankly, that success has been matched, if not exceeded!

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Have a look back at a bunch of photos tweeted by local Edmontonians and their love for the UberPUPPIES. You won’t be disappointed.

Uber PUPPIES in Edmonton, 2016:


Awww… Aren’t they just friggen adorable? 🙂

If that weren’t enough, go on and check out Infinite WOOFS Facebook page for even more photos!

Did you have the Uber PUPPIES at your office yesterday? Did you try and request them like a madman, but couldn’t get through due to high demand?

You can just never have enough puppy love, now can you? Hopefully Uber and Infinite WOOFS team up again next year to bring the pups around to Capital City’s many offices once again.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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