University of Alberta Class Set to Launch Alberta’s First Ever Satellite Later this Year

A tiny satellite named ‘Ex-Alta 1’ will soon orbit our Earth, designed by U of A students.

As part of the QB50 mission, the AlbertaSat team out of Edmonton’s University of Alberta proudly bid farewell to their ‘Ex-Alta 1’ cube satellite on Friday afternoon.

The satellite will be heading to the Netherlands to join 49 other cube satellites for final testing before being launched to the International Space Station. They hope to launch the satellites in December of this year.

Ex-Alta 1 is posed to orbit around the world 5,000 times over the course of 18 months.

Vice President of Research at the University of Alberta says:

It really demonstrates how the university is leading in many areas and represents how we are stronger when we work together.Lorne Babiuk

Ex-Alta 1 will monitor space weather on a completely new scale using new scientific technology.


This mission represents an unparalleled opportunity for the University of Alberta and the entire province of Alberta as it demonstrates a capability for space technology.

The AlbertaSat team consists of (front-left) Kristen Cote, Charles Nokes, Tyler Hrynyk, (Back-left) Dan Sameoto, Collin Cupido, David Barona, Anddy Kale, David Miles, Brendan Bruner, Ian Mann, Stefan Damkjar, and Duncan Elliott. They are pictured below.

This is the AlbertaSat Team // U of A

AlbertaSat is a joint project between the Faculties of Engineering and Science.


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The full release by the University of Alberta

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