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Edmonton Vet’s License Suspended; Guilty of Animal Abuse

Edmonton vet, Dr. Jun Yang has been found guilty of four charges related to animal abuse and has had his license temporarily suspended. The suspension comes after Yang was found guilty under the Criminal Code of willfully causing two dogs to be in unnecessary pain or suffering by choking, punching, kicking and striking the animals. This charge carries a maximum jail sentence of 18 months.
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On Tuesday, the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) suspended his registration to practice veterinary medicine.

The 48-year-old vet was also found guilty of three charges under the Animal Protection Act for causing the animals to be in distress, not providing adequate food and water to the dogs and not providing them with adequate shelter. These charges carry a maximum fine of $20,000.

Two dogs were seized from the Hollick Kenyon Veterinary Clinic in April 2016 after an extended period of abuse that began in August 2015.The dogs were registered to the clinic and staying there as office dogs. The clinic had been responsible for the dogs’ daily care.

The ABVMA said it has been following the court proceedings and noted the professional regulatory discipline process is separate from the criminal process.

“Compassionate animal care is of the highest importance to the ABVMA, veterinarians, veterinary technologists and veterinary practice staff. The ABVMA expects all veterinarians and veterinary technologists to demonstrate leadership in animal welfare,” read a statement from the regulatory organization.

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