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Large Yellow Metal Bin Stolen from Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society Containing Tons of Dog & Cat Food

A large yellow bin containing animal food was stolen from the Zoe’s Animal Rescue non-profit organization last night.
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A large, heavy bin was stolen from the yard of one of Zoe’s Animal Rescue’s co-directors. As you can see from the photo provided, this thing would require between two to four people to move, so this was undoubtedly a team effort. Also, a truck would have more than likely been required to transport the bin as well.

This bin stands out from a crowd. If you happen to stumble upon this bin on your daily travels, or see it for sale on Kijiji – not only here in Edmonton, but surrounding cities as far as Red Deer and Calgary, please don’t let it pass you by. Let’s help bring this bin, and maybe even its contents, back to its rightful owners at Zoe’s Animal Rescue.

The stolen item announcement was originally made at 12:02 PM today on their Facebook page, and was also posted on the Shoutout Edmonton page shortly thereafter.

Can you help?

Because so much food was taken from the rescue, they are asking for everyone’s help in this time of need. Zoe’s Animal Rescue requires dog food and cat food to feed the animals that they foster, as well as the animals in their target communities.

Thankfully enough, Multi Menu Edmonton has kindly offered to donate 38 kilograms of dog food, along with 20 kilograms of cat food. What an amazing business to offer so much to a non-profit in dire times.

The yellow bin in question:
Zoes Animal Rescue Society, Stolen bin
Zoes Animal Rescue Society, Stolen bin
What’s Zoe’s Animal Rescue?

Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society was founded in August of 2012 right here in Edmonton, Alberta. Their mission is to change the lives of animals in need by rescuing them from undesirable situations, providing loving foster homes, and any needed medical care (including mandatory spay and neuter).

Wish to donate food or money?

If you wish to donate animal food to Zoe’s, you are more than welcome to private message their Facebook page, and someone will be in contact with you shortly to inform you of their nearest drop-off location to you.

If you are unable to make a food donation, you are more than welcome to make a monetary donation if you still wish to help, but cannot afford the time to buy/drop off food. Private message their page for more information in this regard as well.

Have information?

If you have any information regarding the bin and its contents, you are being asked to contact Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society by calling 780.318.1600 or e-mailing info@zoesanimalrescue.org.

Zoes animal rescue society Edmonton
Zoe’s Animal Rescue
[ Visit Zoe’s Animal Rescue online ]


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